Household recycling

Recycling is something that every household, office, factory, and person in the UK needs to take seriously, as the amount of waste that is produced on a yearly basis is phenomenal and is something that with everybody pulling together can be turned around. Almost everything we use in the UK can be recycled.

Here are some of the things recycled materials end up in.


Cardboard can be recycled once again into other forms of cardboard and cardboard pulp can be turned into both toilet rolls and paper towels, and you can often find recycled cardboard in things like fiber boards and other types of products that have been made from wood.


The main uses for recycled glass are to once again become their original form, in things like glass bottles and glass jars. But, you can also find recycled glass in other forms of glass products, including windows and car windscreens, but this tends to be a different form of recycled glass. Although recycled glass can be used in other forms of materials, glass is one of those few products that can probably have an indefinite life scale regarding being recycled, as it can be recycled time and time again.


The amount of paper the UK uses as a country every year is astounding, with the paper being recycled into printed paper, cardboard, tissues and tissue and even general items for your home or office. From calendars to napkins that sit on your table, paper can be recycled into hundreds of different things meaning that recycling all kinds of paper is a must, for the home and office.


Because aluminum is a form of metal, it can be reused almost indefinitely because it doesn’t tend to lose any of its properties, making it the ideal recycling material. When you recycle aluminium metal can, the usual recycling process for this is to make it once again into another jar, with the course of recycling an empty can going to a new can on the supermarket shelves offering a rapid turnaround, making this form of material perfect for cutting our waste to a minimum.

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Most local and district councils in the UK offer a can collecting service, normally along with the glass and paper, so it is ideal to recycle this material when you think of how many cans, both food and drink you will get through in an average one year.

Check out also Goucerment Guidance: Separate collection of waste paper, plastic, metal and glass