Top 20 Tips To Go Green And Grow Richer At The Office

Why not get your office organised?

A day at a hardworking office can feel hectic, leaving workers stressed out and drained and dying to return home. An uncluttered office supports uncluttered minds and therefore anxious feelings. Spaciousness nurtures relaxation, creativity and therefore quality productivity and in turn profits.

Free up some space, stop renting it to then fill it with waste, old files and useless, out of date office equipment. Any business must comply with environmental regulations and therefore safely contain and dispose of all the waste you create. Not doing so can lead to fines or prosecutions.

To have a good clear out, hire a skip or get office clearance professionals to bring a truck and do the job for you. They can dispose of bulky items, electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and can even shred your old confidential documents.

But why not focus on not allowing the rubbish to build up in the first place? Minimising waste production is both ecological and economical.

Here are some top money saving tips on saving resources and the environment at your office:

  1. Only print when it really is necessary, and use small font, you can save a surprising amount of paper. We are after all in the digital age. Use projectors or white boards instead of printed sheets. Also buy recycled paper to begin with.
  2. There are increasingly more office suppliers offering more ecological products. Take a look for yourself.
  3. Buy in bulk to save money and lower your carbon footprint
  4. Encourage recycling by providing strategically placed recycling containers.
  5. Often without having to pay for the shipping costs you can return used ink cartridges and other products to their manufactures to recycle.
  6. Use energy saving bulbs,
  7. Team work! Educate employers on the importance of eco work ethics.
  8. Make sure computers have energy saving settings.
  9. Bleed radiators.
  10. A mug is nicer than a paper cup.
  11. Motion sensors ensure that switches are not left on.
  12. Turn down the heating a little at night time.
  13. Updated computers are more energy efficient.
  14. Plants help by recycling the air.
  15. Green cleaning products.
  16. Printers with eco settings.
  17. Switch off lights overnight.
  18. Get rid of screen savers.
  19. Consider solar power.
  20. Buy second hand.

These money saving tips can help you keep the environment and your office cleaner every day – it is okay that it  will get messy during to day but make sure you tidy up when you’ve finished. It will help you reset your mind also to mentally finish your work and when you come in the morning to your office you will start anew without distractions.