Where to buy roof windows? Guide

If you are building a house or renovating a loft, you will surely be looking for good quality roof windows. Quality is known to come with a high price, however, some companies offer satisfying quality which is still affordable for most of us.

When it comes to windows, it’s better to invest in quality. Not only will the product last longer- you won’t have to replace it so quickly, but you also don’t want the roof windows to leak or to let cold air in.

Types of windows

When it comes to roof windows, you can either choose to have pitched or flat roof windows.

Flat roof windows, come in different shapes and designs e.g:

  • flat glass roof light
  • flat glass domed roof light
  • walk-on roof lights
  • lanterns
  • polycarbonate domes

Nowadays, people that decide to build more modern houses go with the flat roof windows to add more space and interior style.

We are all familiar with pitched roof windows, they’re usually all designed the same way, the only difference being that you can open them in different ways e.g:

  • centre pivot (most popular roof window)
  • top hung (the pivot is at the top of the window)
  • side hung (the pivot is found on either the left or right-hand side)
  • top third (it’s similar to the centre pivot window but it is placed higher up)

Shopping for windows online

When Googling “where to buy roof windows?” you will find a lot of online companies, such as stores in your area. Sunlux Roof Windows has very good quality windows and you will even find known brands like Fakro Windows or Velux Windows at lower, better prices on their website.

Not only on Sunlux will you find roof windows, however. You can also check out websites like: